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Scent Descriptions

ADIRONDACK CHRISTMAS - This scent is a festive take on the traditional.  Adirondack Christmas combines a balsam fir and cinnamon body with top notes of tart berries and plum. A wonderful holiday fragrance with wide appeal, this is year round favorite. This fragrance oil is infused with fir, cinnamon leaf, clove leaf, and patchouli natural essential oils.

ADIRONDACK LODGE - A fragrance that tells the story of a cozy night spent sipping wine in front of the fireplace. Adirondack Lodge combines orange spice notes from the kitchen, fir and pine notes from the Christmas tree, and an earthy smokiness from the fireplace. It's Christmas Eve, in a bottle, any time. This fragrance oil is infused with natural orange, cinnamon, and pine essential oils.


ADIRONDACK TRAIL - Timberland pine is mixed with hints of earthy forest floor, sweet grass, and green dewy fauna

ADIRONDACK WHITE PINE - If your family has a holiday tradition of finding the perfect Christmas tree, this scent will take you there every time. Adirondack White Pine has an incredibly deep Northwood evergreen scent that everyone loves.

AUTUMN LEAVES - When the leaves start to turn their brilliant shades of gold and red, fall has cast its hypnotic spell. The naturally fresh, woody smell of leaves in the brisk autumn air, this vibrant medley of birch and maple leaves, with pomegranate, juniper berry, and orange blossom added to the blend, brings the glory of fall to your home.

BALSAM - This fresh pine balsam aroma is great a signature of the Adirondacks.  This Balsam scent is perfect for your home at Christmas time or year round.

BALSAM & CEDAR - This fresh Adirondack scent combines a camphoraceous woody blend of pine  and cedarwood.  Perfect for a year round scent to fill your home.

BLUE SPRUCE- Ever hike out and cut your own Christmas Tree? With our Blue Spruce, you'll feel like you did just that. More complex than a typical Frasier or Douglas Fir, it's got a punchy, bright citrus note that is really pleasing. Capture the spirit of the holidays with this strong, true, and enchanting scent. We love this fragrance and think you will too. This fragrance oil is infused with natural cedarwood and pine essential oils.

CRACKLIN BIRCH - Cracklin’ Birch is a perfect duplication of the outdoors on a winter day, it’s simply amazing!  Cracklin’ Birch fragrance begins with top notes of bergamot, orange, and lemon; with middle notes of geranium, lily, and rose; and base notes of patchouli, vetiver, and tonka beans.  This is an ASC favorite!

FIRESIDE MUSK - Curl up by the fire with this blend of warm sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla and light musk that form the base for mid notes of violet and, jasmine and mingle with light citrus top notes.

FRASER FIR- Inspired by the popular Christmas tree, our Fraser Fir has a mild citrus note, earthy undercurrents, and a woody, balsam core that makes you think “Christmastime.” Cozy and comforting, Fraser Fir is perfect for setting a festive holiday mood or creating the right ambience for a quiet winter evening by the fire.

FLANNEL SHEETS - Divine medley of the heart of a lavender, white jasmine and damask rose wrapped around cashmere, sandalwood, patchouli and velvet musk.

LAKE HOUSE- Pristine mountain air mingled with rustic musk, and hints of pine for an outdoor sensation. This scent will remind you of sitting by an Adirondack mountain lake.

WARM VANILLA OAK -  Warm, rich, wood fragrance combines bottom notes of sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, and raspberry with mid notes of violet, eucalyptus, spicy cinnamon and clove, with light top notes of orange and bergamot. Great scent!

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